Government requirements

Are there any mandatory government requirements before my subscription can be activated?

Cloud One services that has a phone number +25420790XXXX or toll free number 0800000XXX must complete the Cloud One Service Application Form in duplicate in order to comply with The  Kenya Communications Act 2010  Number Registration Regulation which states that a person or entity who intends to register a number shall provide the following particulars to the telecommunications operator or its agent.

Cloud One KYC documents required as below: 

  • Business Email Address ( No gmail or free email domains)
  • Copy of Business Permit
  • Copy of the Company PIN Number
  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate
  • Copy of CR12 Form with 3 months validity for Kenyan Entities
  • Copy of a valid national identity card, passport or alien card of the company's authorised contact (CEO or MD)

Download & complete Cloud One Service Application Forms

This is a mandatory requirement before activation of Cloud One services