⚙️ Phone system installation?

What is included or excluded in a phone system installation? 

The following is included in a phone system installation

  1. Remote installation by a vendor certified phone system expert 
  2. Extension setup as per system survey
  3. Email user instructions with how to install iOS, Android, MacOS & Windows apps & use quick reference guide
  4. Cloud One SIP Trunk set up 
  5. Inbound & outbound call routing for Cloud One SIP trunk
  6. IVR configuration for custom prompts & music on hold that is provided by customer
  7. Scheduled Call report* generation
  8. Call Recording*

The following are excluded in a phone system installation and will be quoted separately. Installation and configuration of a complete VoIP Phone System takes time. Keep in mind that Cloud One Phone Systems can not be compared to a simple office package, which is easily installed and supported. Phone Systems are more complex, as it operates with phone hardware, SIP providers and Gateways. These configurations, support & training adds cost, time & resources and therefore can not be given free of charge.

  1. Training for users, agents, supervisors and administrators
  2. Supported SIP Phone configuration
  3. Unsupported SIP Phone configuration
  4. Addon module configuration for on-premise PBXs**
  5. VoIP Gateway configuration
  6. VoIP Gateway support fee
  7. 3rd Party SIP Trunk Setup fee
  8. 3rd Party SIP Trunk Maintenance fee
  9. 3rd Party System integration* ie CRM, Microsoft Teams, Zoho etc
  10. 3CX Call Flow Designer*
  11. Customer on-premise firewall configuration
  12. Creation of custom prompts and music on hold i.e "Thank you for calling , press 1 for sales , press 2 for accounts or hold on to the operator"
  13. Travel & accommodation costs to site

 * feature not supported in 3CX Standard Edition
** Option only for hardware based IP PBX appliances