Teltonika BAT120 Uninterruptable Power Supply

Test automotive batteries and create health reports
Works on 6V and 12V automotive batteries - regular flooded, enhanced flooded, AGM, EV and start-stop
12V/24V charging/starting systems tests
Test battery charging system to gauge alternator health and troubleshoot charging issues
Email test results (stores 2,000 test records)
Test batteries with as little as 1.5V
3 LED indicators (blue: connected, green: power, red: trouble)
20-inch cable with durable clamps
Wireless via Bluetooth
Compatible with Bosch ADS 325 and ADS 625, OTC Encore and Evolve w/ software version 2.10 or higher

34,375.00 KSh 34375.0 KES 34,375.00 KSh Tax Excluded

34,375.00 KSh Tax Excluded

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Teltonika Networks launches BAT120, an uninterruptible power supply accessory! This new addition to our portfolio provides a steady electrical current to compatible products, ensuring continuous connectivity for your IoT solution. Teltonika Networks' products restart when a voltage fluctuation occurs. However, this safety functionality may interfere with steady data flow when you need constant connectivity without even the slightest interruption. If an unexpected electrical outage occurs, BAT120 can power connected Teltonika Networks devices for up to 6 hours, preventing connectivity disruption and offering enough time to restore the primary power grid. This is made possible by two 18650 Li-Ion cells. You can also set up our compatible devices to send an SMS or an email alert when the outage occurs, allowing you to get on top of the malfunction and fix it as fast as possible. Check out the BAT120 introductory video to get acquainted with our latest product.

BAT120 can be an irreplaceable asset in industrial scenarios that require constant connectivity. Some examples are the FMCG and pharmacy sectors, where a detailed report of temperature, humidity and other factors is necessary so that the product would be deemed fit for consumers. BAT120 acts as a power source for Teltonika Networks hardware, allowing you to receive custom alerts and begin restoring the primary power grid. Now that you know more about BAT120, we invite you to read about a real-life scenario where an uninterruptable power source enables continuous internet access in a data-sensitive IoT solution.

Datasheet for BAT120