D-Link LC Multimode Fiber Connector - PC type


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D-Link LC Multimode Fiber Connector - PC type

Part Number: NCO-FMSLC20

  •  Color: Beige
  • High Precision Ceramic Ferrule
    APC Green Polymer housing with 900μm and 3mm strain relief boot
    High Precision Polymer housing
    Low Return Loss
    High Precision Nickel plated brass housing
    Low Insertion Loss
    Low environmental sensitivity
    Ease of installation

    Measure : LC Connector
    Insertion Loss dB (Single) : < 0.3
    Return Loss : > 55dB UPC Style Ferrule > 60dB APC Style Ferrule
    Cable Boot : 2mm white, 3mm upon request
    Mating Cycle : Up to 1000 times
    Ferrule Diameter : 1.25mm ± 0.001
    Ferrule Tolerance Single Mode : 126 ± 0.5μm internal
    Ferrule Tolerance Multi Mode : 127 ± 0.5μm internal
    Finish : Pre-radiused PC end, radius 10 to 25mm
    Operating Temperture : - 40°C to + 85 °C 
    Meet standard : IEC61754-20 Optical Fibre Connector Interface
    Durability : IEC61300-2-2 Fibre Optic Interconnecting Devices
    Performance : IEC61753-1 Optical Fibre interconnecting devices and passive components performance standard

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