3CX Phone System Hosting by 3CX.COM


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3CX Phone System Hosting by 3CX.COM


All-inclusive 3CX Phone System Standard features

Core PBX Features

  • Extension Limited to Host Capacity

  • Choose own SIP Trunk

  • Intercom / Paging / PA Announcements

  • Call Parking / Pickup

  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

  • Real Time System Status

  • Inbuilt SBC to deploy offsite phones

  • Voicemail

  • Easy Backup and Restore

  • VMware / Hyper-V / KVM

Office Productivity

  • Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist

  • Integrated Fax Server

  • IP phone provisioning in network / cloud

  • Plug & Play Phone Provisioning

  • Apps: Windows and Web Client, iOS, Android

  • Phone Directory

  • Headset Integration

Video Conferencing

  • Poll

  • PDF Sharing

  • Screen Sharing

  • Remote Assistance

  • Whiteboard

  • 25 Participants

Contact Center Features

  • Live Chat

  • Facebook Messaging

  • Call Logging

  • Click2Call / Click2Meet

Additional 3CX Phone System Standard Details can be phone at the 3CX Website

    Yes ,  You can call out to phone number by configuring any register or peer based SIP trunk from any SIP Provider. Interface based SIP Provider i.e Safaricom SIP is not compatible with hosting by 3CX.COM

    Cloud One as a free setup offer for its Pay as You Go SIP Trunk & outgoing calls are enabled by purchasing Talk Time Top Up. 

    Outbound call rates are available from our Pay as you Go calling rate page.

    Inbound calls to your Cloud One Phone Number +25420790XXXX from all networks are free of charge

    No, If you are using it as internal communication system then there are no government requirements

    Yes, if you have a Cloud One Pay as You Go SIP Trunk & Cloud One Phone Number +25420790XXXX. You are required to complete the Service Application Form in duplicate in order to comply with The Kenya Communications Act 2010 Number Registration Regulation which states that a person or entity who intends to register a number shall provide the following particulars to the telecommunications operator or its agent.

      • Business KYC Documents

        • Copy of the Company PIN Number

        • Copy of the Certificate of Registration of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate

        • Copy of CR12 Form with 3 months validity

        • Copy of a valid national identity card, passport or alien card of the company's authorised contact (CEO or MD)

    Download & complete the Cloud One SIP Trunk Service Application Form

    This is a mandatory requirement before activation of the Cloud One SIP Trunk Service Application Form

    Yes ,  Internet connection is required to use the 3CX Phone System which is a cloud based service.

    3CX Client App is used to connect to 3CX Phone System with 3G or 4G android or IOS mobile phone, Windows or Mac desktop or laptop

    Start our test below to see if your connection meets recommended VoIP network requirements.

    Start VoIP Test

    Cloud One offers a free setup of Pay as You Go SIP trunk with the 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription, however If you prefer to connect your own telephone lines using a VoIP gateway. This requires a 3rd party SIP Trunk configuration on your 3CX Phone system. 

    Installation of 3rd Party SIP Trunk is a chargeable service.

    Customers will be charged as per ticket per issue issue basis for any support regarding their preferred SIP trunks or VoIP Gateway

    It is mandatory for customer site to have a ISP connection with a static public IP or dynamic DNS.

    Yes , Customer is responsible for your voice optimised firewall & QOS configuration at customer site as per the router or firewall vendor recommendations

    The following recommendations are guidelines for your router or firewall for 3CX Phone System

    1. To ensure quality of service - Prioritise voice packets (SIP, Tunnel & RTP Ports) & reserve 128 kbps for each user to your 3CX Phone System FQDN host i.e customer.3cx.co.uk

    2. Whitelist the 3CX host on your firewall

    3. Disable SIP ALG on your firewall

    4. Multiple ISP Connections should be configured correctly to handle VoIP connectivity

      1. Use Failover instead of load balancing to connect to your 3CX host  

      2. Use Manual outbound NAT

    5. Firewall should be in conservative mode to preserve VoIP session states

    6. If you are connecting your telephone lines using a VoIP Gateway at your premise. you will also need to do the following:

      1. This setup requires a static IP from your ISP or subscribe to a Dynamic DNS Service for all your ISP connections 

      2. Configure SIP & RTP port forwarding & inbound NAT for each ISP connection from your 3CX host to VoIP Gateway Local IP

      3. It is Mandatory to inform Cloud One everytime on your new or change of ISP static public IP or DDNS hostname for whitelisting on Cloud One's Central firewall & 3CX Phone System host. Failure to inform Cloud One may result in your connection getting blacklisted on our network & service becoming unavailable.

      4. To ensure quality of service for your telephone lines - Prioritise voice packets (Both SIP & RTP) & reserve 128 kbps for each line to your 3CX host ---VoIP Gateway Local IP & VoIP Gateway Local IP -- 3CX host

      5. If you are using a VoIP GSM Gateway, ensure it is installed where there is maximum signal reception from the mobile operator. Bad signal reception will result in bad quality telephone line connections. You can improve signal reception by installing an external GSM antenna for for GSM line

    7. Cloud One Managed 3rd Party SIP Trunk Support or paid support tickets requires the below configuration on your firewall

      1. Whitelist Cloud One Remote Management Host on your firewall.

          • saachi.cloudone.co

          • remote.cloudone.co

          • mgmt.cloudone.co

      2. Configure remote management port forwarding for each ISP connection from Cloud One Remote Management Host to VoIP Gateway Local IP

    There are instances where you do not have access to your firewall

      1. ISP is managing your firewall

      2. You have a managed firewall service from a 3rd party

      3. Lost admin access to your firewall

      Contact your ISP , managed firewall service provider or firewall vendor for assistance 

    If you are unable to configure your firewall with the above guidelines then your voice connection will not be optimised & voice quality affected

    Firewall configuration service is a chargeable support service & will be quoted separately depending on the firewall.  We will require admin access to the firewall

    3CX Phone System is 100% virtual phone system. No hardware to maintain. No upfront hardware cost. You don’t even need deskphones to get started. You can use the free mobile & desktop apps instead 

    If you require deskphones , We recommend Yealink SIP Phones. it is mandatory to use a 3CX Session Border Controller Appliance for each site if you intend to connect more than SIP phones

    3CX Phone System works with most SIP-based phones. With the Auto Provisioning feature, you can even bulk-configure IP phones from Yealink, Fanvil, Snom, Grandstream, and more.

    Installation of SIP Phones is a chargeable service

    User training is available free of charge online using user guides & training videos

    Instructor led user training is a chargeable service

    Administrator training is available free of charge online at  3CX Academy 

    3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription only offers Paid support by Cloud One is provided on per Ticket Per Issue

    It is only possible to integrate Zoho CRM, and other 3rd-party platforms with 3CX Phone System Pro Edition and not 3CX Phone System Standard 

    Integration of 3CX Phone System Pro to Zoho CRM & other 3rd party systems is a chargeable service as each integration is unique and quoted accordingly

    Integration of Microsoft Teams is only possible with 3CX Phone System Enterprise Edition 

    The following addons are available for 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription :

    1. Talk Time Top Up to enable outbound calling on Cloud One SIP Trunks after exhausting your preloaded talk time

    2. Cloud One Additional Phone Numbers Numbers to enable direct inward dialling to your extensions ( direct line)

    3. Cloud One Toll Free SIP Trunk subscription to enable your customers call you for free. Calls are billed to the Called

    4. Yealink SIP Phones for connecting extensions to on-premise based desk phones

    5. Yeastar VoIP Gateways to connect your existing on-premise based telephone lines to Managed 3CX Phone System Standard

    6. Premium Support 

      3CX Phone System subscription is configured with 1 Simultaneous call for every 3 extensions

      12 user Managed 3CX Phone System subscription will have 4 simultaneous calls capacity , including internal and external calls.


      Terms & conditions of free trial for testing 3CX Phone System

      • Trial expires in 15 Days or exhaustion of free Ksh 300 talk time (whichever comes first)

      • Only 1 trial per customer

      • Maximum 5 Trial Extensions

      • Each of the 5 users will receive a user configuration welcome email from 3CX Phone System for 3CX OS / Android / Windows / Mac App extension configuration.

        Upon completion of the trial

      • Customer will delete all 3CX Phone System iOS / Android / Windows / Mac Apps from their devices in the event the customer does not upgrade to a paid 3CX Phone System subscription to avoid blacklisting  

      • Customer can order a paid version and follow the ordering process for a new 3CX Phone System subscription

      • Cloud One assigned Demo +25420790XXXX Phone Number can not be assigned to customer after the trial. You will select a new unassigned Cloud One number for your paid 3CX Phone System subscription. 

      You can sign up for a free trial of 3CX Phone System by completing the proof of concept form

      No need to worry… Cloud One does not believe in hidden fee’s or overage charges so you will never see any on your invoice.

      Cloud One generates invoices on the first of the month. Once an invoice is generated we will email it to the address on file as a PDF attachment. If you pay via credit card, Cloudone will automatically charge your card on the 1st. If you would like to pay with Paypal you will need to process the payment manually each month or setup a Paypal Subscription. Once the invoice is paid another email will be sent with a receipt stating the invoice has been paid.

      The first invoice will also include a pro rata billing to align billing cycle to the 1st of the month.

      if you start the subscription on 20th of the month , your first invoice will having a pro rata billing of 10 days till the end of the month + the next billing cycle subscription

      3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM is provisioned as below

      1. Order is placed with installation option & paid

      2. It passes our fraud screening

      3. Invoice is issued

      4. We will request you to advise us on your users details using our helpdesk system.

      5. We will setup the 3CX Phone System users, Cloud One Pay as you Go SIP Trunk (if subscribed for) and you will have your 3CX Phone System User instructions emailed to you within 1-2 business hours.

      6. Testing and commissioning of 3CX Phone System instance & Cloud One Pay as You Go SIP Trunk will be our responsibility

      7. 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription only offers Paid support by Cloud One is provided on per Ticket Per Issue

      You can terminate your service as per our general terms & conditions by creating a new billing related  helpdesk ticket 

      You can upgrade the host resources on your subscription by creating a new upgrade resources related  helpdesk ticket 
      We will send you a quotation for additional resources

      You can upgrade your 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription by creating a new  helpdesk ticket  with your requested users or simultaneous calls capacity

      The new subscription will be effected immediately. 

      You can even cross upgrade from 3CX Phone System Standard subscription to 3CX Phone System Pro or Enterprise subscription anytime

      You can downgrade your 3CX Phone System subscription at the end of the license period by creating a new  helpdesk ticket  with your requested users or simultaneous calls capacity

      The new subscription rate will be effected in the next billing cycle.

      Your 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM subscription will be terminated on the due date of the invoice

      1. It can be reactivate by paying a re-connection fee of Ksh 3,000 and all outstanding charges within 30 days by creating a new billing related  helpdesk ticket  

      2. After the suspension of your account for 30 days, we will reserve the right to deactivate and recycle the recycle the Managed 3CX Phone System Standard subscription  and make it available for sale to another customer, without further liability to you.

      3. You will still be liable for all outstanding charges

      All 3CX Phone System hosting by 3CX.COM Subscription Plans include the following:

      • 3CX Debian OS

      • Daily Configuration Backups

      • Updates & Upgrades 

      * VM Sizing is based on standard usage & best practices. Use of additional features may require VM upgrade at an additional cost
      * 1 TB International data transfer is available as per our fair use policy. we reserve the right to charge additional data transfer fees for abuse of this fair use policy
      * Voicemail – Every 60 seconds of recorded audio is approximately 1MB. Remember this into consideration when choosing hard disk size. Logging – Verbose logging consumes disk space. On a busy system the logs folder can consume up to 1GB per day. Every 5000 calls in full verbosity consume 2GB of HDD space.
      * As a rule of thumb, 1 simultaneous call (SC) per 3-4 extensions is sufficient, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 simultaneous calls (SC) capacity. Call waiting on queues requires additional simultaneous call (SC). You can upgrade your subscription at any point in time by just paying the difference for the remaining period

      FAQs for hosting by 3CX.COM are listed at https://help.3cx.com/help/en-us/68-hosted-by-3cx 

      * On-premise Managed 3CX Session Border Controller is provided by Cloud One at an additional subscription cost

      • We are certified Yeastar, 3CX, Yealink & D-Link distribution partner in the Kenya with advanced engineers trained to the highest standards, recognised for our successful installation and management of telephony solutions.

      • We have over 15+ years of knowledge and experience in IP Telephony & will find a solution to suit your business needs.

      • We operate in a Kenya based Tier-3 Data Centre to reduce latency & jitter issues

      • We operate our own Autonomous System (AS328302) Public IP Network

      • We manage our own hyper cloud services using Dell XC Cloud Servers.

      • We are licensed & regulated by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA).

      • We are directly interconnected with all telecommunications operators in Kenya with our own CA assigned number range of +25420790XXXX & Toll Free range of 0800000XXX

      • We are interconnected with major international operators to enable global reachability of our network

      No, This is illegal & is known as SIM boxing in Kenya

      Cloud One Limited is a licensed & regulated Telecommunications Service Provider by the Communications Authority of Kenya

      Section 24 of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, as amended, provides that anyone operating an illegal communications system commits an offense and is liable to a fine of one million shillings or to imprisonment of five years or both.

      Any suspicious telecommunications operations being undertaken without due consideration of the provisions of the law & after our investigations, we will suspend the service and all calls made will be charged at US$ 0.32 per minute to the authorised subscriber of the Cloud One Service for terminating international calls. We will report the activity & entities carrying out illegal activities with regards to international telephone traffic termination to CA & Kenya Police and relevant players in the telecommunications sector

      Customers with no legal entity in Kenya can use our SIP Trunk for international customer subscription to terminate calls into Kenya. The rates are not the same as our local rates, but we use a legal route for this call termination. Outbound call rates are available from our Calling Rates for International Customers page.

      Not a problem, simply click the Contact Us button and fill out the contact us form. One of our staff members will update your ticket shortly with a detailed answer.