Calling Rates for International Customers

Outbound Calling Rates

Local Destinations

Kenya Cloud One
US$ 0.03
Kenya Fixed Lines****
US$ 0.28
Kenya Mobile Airtel****
US$ 0.32
Kenya Mobile Safaricom****
US$ 0.18
Kenya Mobile Telkom****
US$ 0.27
Kenya Other Networks****
US$ 0.32

Popular International Destinations

United Kingdom***
US$ 0.03
United States of America
US$ 0.03
US$ 0.03
US$ 0.03
South Africa***
US$ 0.15
IrelandUS$ 0. 10
ChinaUS$ 0.30

Complete Rate List

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Kindly note that our rate list consists of more than 50 thousand destinations and downloading the file on a slow network may take longer

Rates are listed per minute and inclusive of VAT*
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice
** Proof of Kenyan Residency is not required for outbound calling service
*** Rate is for specific network operator
**** Caller Line Identity is not guaranteed for local destination calling

Inbound Calling Rates

Standard Inbound Calling Rate

Local & International calls to your Cloud One Phone Number +25420790XXXX are free of charge

Toll Free Calling Rate

Local calls to Cloud One Toll Free Number 0800000XXX are charged to the Callee at US$ 0.05 VAT exclusive